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"Michael Takiff is a pleasure to work with. He's a gifted wordsmith who pays attention to the smallest details of phrasing, always looking to make the text as clear and as graceful as possible. If you've ever thought of getting your life story down on paper, I heartily recommend Michael Takiff and Gravitas History to help make the process productive and satisfying."

   David E. Bonior

      Former Democratic Whip, US House of Representatives

      Author, Eastside Kid: A Memoir of My Youth from Detroit to Congress

                    Whip: Leading the Progressive Battle During the Rise of the Right

"Michael was the editor on my e-book, Election Night. He brought a tremendous amount of historical context and clarity to the text. I consider myself very lucky to have worked with him."

   Stephen Battaglio

      TV/Media Writer for the Los Angeles Times, Author, Television Historian

"A gifted author, Michael Takiff has been of invaluable assistance in preparing my memoir, sharing many of his insights on the writing craft. Michael is also a talented interviewer, with a pleasant, engaging personality, who easily draws out his subjects, resulting in a productive, enjoyable interview experience. He would be an asset for anyone undertaking a writing project."

   Matt McHugh

      Member, US House of Representatives, 1975-1993


Your life. Your history. Your legacy.

Yale Presidential Biographer, Michael Takiff

Founder and Executive Director

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